New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Blog weekly.  It seems to be true that part of being a successful academic is in getting my name out there. Plus, the more you write, the better your writing tends to be, through a strange and little understood process that some call “practice”. To that end, I’ve created this blog shaped thing that I will attempt to write in with some regularity. See here for entry 1.
  2. Publish. I’ve got one small story that a roton worked on which the Boss thinks could be a small paper, and lord knows we probably aren’t going to do much else with it.  I’ve also got big plans for the next couple big experiments in my thesis project, which if I’m reasonably productive this spring while TAing, I ought to be able to get out the door by the end of summer, and hopefully in print by Christmas, assuming I come across nothing unexpected (ha!).
  3. Line up the next thing.  I’m expecting to graduate May 2015, and am currently researching potential post-doc labs. The timing is both flexible and in flux, depending in large part on 2-body problem considerations, but also on funding arrangements that I’m also in the process of researching.
  4. Relax. I’m often pretty bad at overscheduling myself, so the other resolutions notwithstanding, I’m hoping to keep as much downtime open as possible.

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